The Maloholoskivski hills


the maloholoskivski hills



The maximum tolerance of the existing landscape and terrain preservation has transformed challenges of the project implementation into value adding benefits of the future residential complex, which justified the cost of construction. A natural hollow with a unique microclimate, a diversified typology of buildings and traffic-free courtyards create a friendly urban landscape.

The residential quarter will have a kindergarten. The public function is oriented "outside" the living yards, which are designed to be open to the forest and not delineated by the road; there is a pedestrian walkway only that runs along the park's boundaries towards the next blocks.



Project name: Maloholoskivski hills

Category: Direct order. Masterplan, urban planning

Location: Lviv, UKR

Year: 2014 - till now

Status: On-going

Size: 4,2 ha

Client: "Nova Oselya"

Team: Volodymyr Paliy, Nataliya Zinchuk, Yurii Tomyshch, Hrystia Koliasa, Nazar Pavlesa, Igor Gladun, Yurii Maksymiuk, Myroslava Mazepa, Rostyslav Tshuk, Marian Dilnyi,

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